Demo test

Background questions

Country where I teach at the moment
Language(s) / subject(s) I teach?
Do you teach in Language Centre?
Teaching experience in years?
Have you attended digital pedagogy / educational technology training sessions?

Self-evaluation questions

I agree stronglyI agree somewhatI disagree
I think face-to-face teaching produces better learning than digital teaching.
I am comfortable using educational technology with students.
I adopt new technology or tools in my teaching.
I want to know more about digital tools in teaching.
I share digital materials I have found on the internet with my colleagues.
I share digital materials I have designed with my colleges.
I feel confident enough using digital tools to guide my students in their use.
I enjoy implementing, exploring, planning, and using online resources.
I avoid digital technology in teaching.
I actively seek out audio-video materials for my teaching.
I am concerned about the prominent role of digital technology in teaching.
I think digital technologies can be used in face-to-face classroom teaching.
I like using social media (eg. Facebook, Whatsapp, blogs) when working with my students.
I let students influence which digital tools are used in my teaching.
I know how to create a communicative atmosphere in a digital environment
I participate in staff training on digital technologies offered at my university.
I make my own digital teaching materials, e.g. audiomaterials, videos or interactive contents.
I make use of digital technology that few other teachers are using.
I can apply technical solutions to meet my pedagogical needs
I know how to support online collaboration.
I like to help colleagues with digital technology.
I use all technologies available at my LC in my working life.
I know how to use digital tools to support my teaching.
I know how to choose the right tool to support my teaching.
I follow podcasts, vlogs and/or blogs in order to develop my professional competence
I use different types of digital tools to enhance learning outcomes.
I use a variety of Apps in my teaching.
I ask my students to use digital devices in class.
Most aspects of my teaching can be done without digital technology.
I ask my colleagues for help with new technology when needed.
I share my knowledge of using digital teaching tools with my colleagues.