About 2digi and how to use it

The 2digi site is divided into four areas that help teachers to develop their teaching in a technology-rich environment. You can use them in sequence as a process or any one of them individually.

Resources for teaching
What is digital literacy?
Self-evaluation of digital skills
Added value?

What is digital literacy?

This section provides a short definition of digital literacy and a more in-depth analysis placed in a handy, easy-to-use format for teachers to quickly discover the key elements useful for their teaching.

What is digital literacy?

What added value does digitalization give?

This section looks at practical reasons for using digital tools and methods and what added value they can bring. The cost of using digital approaches is also evaluated.

What added value does digitalization give?

How digital are you?

This section provides practical tools for teachers and students to evaluate their own digital skills and to build a competence-based portfolio.

Self evaluation: teachers
Self evaluation: students
Digital portfolio

Overview of students’ digital skills

Teachers can gain an overview of the digital skills of a class. When students complete the self-evaluation questionnaire, they need to enter a unique course name. The teacher can then use the link below to find a ‘students’ results page’.

This link goes to student test results: https://2digi.languages.fi/self-eval/user/begin/results/student/

To get an overview, enter the unique name of the couse and use this password key: H4gu6S87

What does this mean in practice?

This section provides examples of teaching resources and guidelines that help to operate in a technology-rich environment at three levels:

  • Lesson level: activities that can used in individual lessons
  • Course level: activities that can form part of a full course
  • Process level: activities that develop digital skills over a longer period of time

Teaching resources

Digital ethics