STEP 1: How can I identify my digital competences?

Well done on taking the first step towards building your digital literacy portfolio. In this first stage we invite you to reflect on your digital competence skills. Along the way, we hope to provide you with some food for thought as well as concrete examples and tools.

What’s my digital twist at the moment?

Begin with a short reflection. Take a moment to consider the following questions. Note any thoughts that come to mind. You can use these reflections for your digital literacy portfolio.

a) What is my understanding of digital literacy
b) How does it relate to my work?
c) How is it visible in my context (organisation, colleagues)
d) How digitally literate am I?

You have probably taken the 2Digi self-evaluation tool. But now let’s take a deeper look at your digital-competence level using a self-assessment tool, developed by the EU specifically for educators in Higher Education. Go to DigCompEdu check in tool.

Reflect on the following questions as you complete the self- evaluation, for example, you might like to ask yourself  why or why not? Keep notes to reflect on later and share with others.

  1. What did I think of the statements in the evaluation?
  2. How did I feel as I completed the questionnaire?
  3. What did I think about my results?
  4. How do I plan to develop my digital competence?

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